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Con at the Vindication Swim UK Premiere


Con at the Vindication Swim UK Premiere!!!

Elliott Hasler!!! (Writer/Director)

John Loche!!! (Harold Best)

Victoria Summer!!! (Edith Gade)

Con with legendary The Rolling Stones and Faces musician Ronnie Wood at the Vindication Swim Party!!!

Kirsten Callaghan (Mercedes Gleitze and Exec Producer)

Simon Hasler!!! (Producer along with Sally Humphreys Wood and Douglas McJannet)

Nicola Pearcey!!! (Exec Producer)

Matt Pearcey!!! (Exec Producer)

Justin Hayward!!! (Leonard Clay)

Premiere Goodie Bag!!!

Vindication Swim in Cinemas 8/3/24 – Review CLICK HERE!!!

Con at the Mick Jagger & Keith Richards Statue Unveiling


Con at the Mick Jagger & Keith Richards Statue Unveiling in Dartford Town Centre!!!

The Glimmer Twins Press Lanyard!!!

Con with Keith Richards Daughter Angela and Granddaughter Ava!!!

Con in the Press pen!!!

Con with ‘The Glimmer Twins’ Sculptor and Portrait Artist Amy Goodman!!!

Con with Dartford Councilor Jeremy Kite MBE!!!

Con with ‘The Glimmer Twins’. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards!!!

Con with Diane Lloyd (Deputy Mayoress), Rosanne Currans (Mayor of Dartford) and Andy Lloyd (Deputy Mayor)!!!

The Glimmer Twins Exhibition at the Sir Peter Blake Gallery, Dartford Library!!!

Con’s Lanyard signed by Amy Goodman!!!