Shudder – Creepshow Season 2


Shudder – Creepshow Season 2 review by Harrison

Premiere’s exclusively on Shudder 1/4/21 (15) 4.5 Stars

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If you love horror this is absolutely a show you should be watching. Each episode contains two stories and its all very lighthearted. Perfect popcorn TV!!!

Amazon Prime Video – The Mauritanian


Amazon Prime Video – The Mauritanian review by Harrison

(Please be aware Harrison does not condone actions by Terrorist and our hearts go out to all victims effected by any form of Terrorism around the world. All views in this video review are solely based on the treatment of the Prisoners as depicted in this film.)

Available on Amazon Prime 1/4/21 (15) “TOP END” 5 Stars

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Shocking from start to finish with some incredible performances from all actors. Definitely not a film to be missed – Highly Recommended!!!

The Banishing – Ghost Stories & Religion in Horror with Director


The Banishing – Harrison talks Ghost Stories and Religion in Horror with Director Christopher Smith!!!

If you could Direct a remake of any classic Horror – which film would you choose and why?

I’ve often thought about doing a remake of Nosferatu. I’ve always loved the design of the Count in that film. Even when it was remade with Klaus Kinski or used in Salem’s Lot, there is something inherently scary about the Nosferatu vampire. I think Nosferatu would be the perfect way to reboot the vampire genre.

Have you or anyone close to you ever had a paranormal experience and if so what happened?

No. Sorry for the boring answer but to me all supernatural events are actually events that are happening within the mind of the person. That’s why I love The Shining so much. The hotel is Jack Torrence’s mind. If someone tells me they’re haunted I take it to mean they’re not well.

I always find ghost stories far scarier to watch than slasher movies. Do you agree with this and if so what do you think it is about ghost stories that makes them so scary?

I actually find slasher movies more scary but I find ghost stories more interesting.  Ghosts are essentially you being tormented by your own past. Something of the past is invading the present, just like bad memories, though in their scariest manifestation.

Why do you think religion is regularly used to enhance the scare factor of so many horror movies?

I think religion is in human DNA,  whether your are a believer or not. Anything that successfully taps into that deeply ingrained belief, unsettles something within us and makes us uncomfortable. There’s also something inherently filmic about rituals of any kind. 

The ending of The Banishing makes it feel very open to a sequel. Are there any plans to develop the story further?

I certainly would like to explore  Harry Reed more, as I believe Shaun Harris created a really interesting character. For me the end is very much about the awakening of violence both within the characters and the world as a whole. The idea that prejudice can all too easily be dug up and harnessed within people  to revolting ends.

The Pandemic has given people extra time to be creative. Has the extra time been useful to you and do you think the quality in the films made over the coming years will be better due to Filmmakers having more time to develop their ideas?

Only time will tell. I imagine there will be a spate of twisted films, although you never can tell, perhaps people are so tired of feeling miserable that swathe of comedies are about to flood the market!


Disney + Star – Big Sky


Disney + Star – Big Sky review by Harrison

Available on Disney + Star 23/2/21 (14 Years +) 3.5 Stars

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Like any great show, how good it is depends on how it finishes. Big Sky certainly starts with lots of excitement, twists, turns and big shocks. We’ll be continuing until the finale – one to watch!!!

Disney + Star – Solar Opposites


Disney + Star – Solar Opposites review by Harrison

Available on Disney + Star 23/2/21 (16 Years +) 4 .5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

Its from the makers of the genius that is ‘Rick and Morty’ and its like ‘Rick and Morty’ – but so much naughtier. Very Funny – Highly Recommended!!!

Disney + Star – Love Victor


Disney + Star – Love Victor review by Harrison

Available on Disney + Star 23/2/21 (14 Years +) 4 Stars

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Set in the world of ‘Love Simon’ – this is a great Teen high school series with some very lovable characters. Highly Recommended!!!

DC Comics – Batman Soul of the Dragon


DC Comics – Batman Soul of the Dragon review by Harrison

Available on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Download 15/2/21 (15) 3.5 Stars

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This is a very cool Batman movie in the style of both 70’s Kung movies and animated TV shows of that same period. Definitely for the older end of Batman Fandom!!!

Little Nightmares II


Little Nightmares II

After about 2 years the ‘freak fest’ that is Little Nightmares has returned, looking more devilish than ever. However, unlike the last game it does not solely follow Six’s story it depicts a greater story.

Unlike the last game you control a new character named Mono who travels along with 6. Mono finds Six in a house trapped and befriends her and together they travel through areas trying to outmaneuver and trick enemies so the can eventually escape from hungry inhabitants.

What I find interesting about games like this is that they are very much up for interpretation, as it seems like the lore is a mystery. When we find Six she has already escaped and taken down the Maw with her powers and yet in this second game we see nothing of it against the bosses. I like this aspect of the game as it almost serves as dramatic irony. We know about the devastating power that Six and yet Mono is unaware. Overall I believe this ties a nice bow around how the game is played and really helps with the mystery aspect.

In this game the controls are incredibly simple, but what makes it hard is that they must be done in combination. This involves the new swinging mechanic that can be done to take down smaller enemies and destroy weak doors. This mechanic is good fun to use and becomes very fluid upon getting used to it. This becomes very useful as it gives you a sense of control over the enemies and entrances which the other game restricted you in. Also with the help of Six you are now able to get up onto higher places using her boost or you can move heavy objects or open heavy hatches using the strength of Six and Mono combined which also lets the control be in your hands. And a final thing that comes with the duo game (aside from the solo game) is unique challenges that can only be cleared in Six specific areas so she can turn nozzles or grab objects.

Unlike other releases on the market the Little Nightmares games play like a ‘LAIKA’ movie style ‘Little Big Planet’. In this way the game is set out so you continuously travel through the world and challenges instead of having a level select. I really like this format as it means that it has a flow that helps with constant fear instead of breaking it up into separate parts.

Most of the areas play out by completing challenges whilst either hitting smaller enemies or hiding from the large ones and getting to safety. This is a great dynamic as it means that the control it gives with the new swinging mechanic doesn’t make the game too easy and it still requires patience and precise actions.

I like ‘Little Nightmares II’ a lot due to its diversity against other games in the market and how unlike most horror titles which require fear in the unknown this game can make you be fearful whilst knowing exactly where enemies are. Which is a hard thing to do – but they pulled it off especially well.

I also like the art style which reminds me of Plasticine and it helps the textured design of the monsters and bosses can really be exaggerated. This really helps it become quite a fearsome game whilst still being incredibly casual and not leaving you terrified that at any moment you could be jump scared which keeps me coming back for more every day. For these reasons I believe (unlike many others games of this genre) this can be enjoyed by even the less hardened horror fans.

In conclusion I believe Little Nightmares II is a 5 star game as it’s very entertaining and the right level of difficult. You will always want to beat the game even if you get slightly creeped out by the characters.

Available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One and PC 11/2/21 (PEGI 16) 5 Stars (PS5 and XBOX Series X Coming soon)

Youth #Gottit View:

Perfectly fits into the Little Nightmares world and a must own for any horror gaming/movie fans!!!

Judas and the Black Messiah


Judas and the Black Messiah review by Harrison

Available to download 11/3/21 (15) 5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

Judas and the Black Messiah is a highly impactful and well told story story. Every cast member have a key role to the events within the film and each deliver a spectacular solo performances between them. A must see story for all generations!!!

Saint Maud


Saint Maud review by Harrison

Available on DVD, Blu-ray, 4K and Digital Download 1/2/21 (15) 4 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

Saint Maud is eerie and compelling throughout with some incredible character moments. Not to be missed – Highly Recommended!!!