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Call of Duty – Modern Warfare II


Call of Duty – Modern Warfare II review

The sequel to many people’s favourite Call of Duty games is finally here and it’s amazing. But not only this, warzone has been entirely revamped for the launch as well, making it possibly one of the most content-filled games on the market right now.

But before I get into all the new multiplayer mechanics, I’m first going to talk about how amazing the story mode is. So, I was wildly blown away by the story mode. It basically follows the story of a conflict between a Mexican Cartel (and the Mexican army) and the US. Although it has missions that you won’t see in any other game. For example, one mission puts you in an interrogation room where either you play your cards right or you die. Now of course there are many cool missions where you simply sweep houses and defeat enemies so any fans of that won’t be disappointed but people looking for a new challenge will have a great time with this story mode.

The multiplayer is pretty damn good as well.  More customisation with guns and a whole variety of new ways to unlock and level them up. The movement and overall feel of the game is absolutely amazing. I enjoy the gunplay more than any of the recent games and believe its surpasses even MW (2019). Although where it falls short is the maps and time to kill. Most gunfights end before anyone gets a chance to even think and the maps are subpar. Now don’t be deterred, it’s still fun to play although keep in mind a lot of the time you’re going to be left thinking skill wasn’t the reason why you lost the match.

DMZ is completely new for MW2 and a rather fun addition. You load into a game with a few other teams and tons of AI and basically try to get quests done and mess around. It’s good for testing out new guns, warming up or playing casually, but in general it gets boring particularly quickly and isn’t something you’ll get a high adrenaline rush out of. I certainly think it’s a positive even if I also don’t think this will be a go to for most people.

Now finally, Warzone 2.0 is basically perfect. You can now talk to enemies whilst playing to cooperate or trash. The island and new features like dolphin diving or buying custom weapons from buy stations work very well. And the entire game mode appears to have been positively revamped with the release of the new game. The gulag has also had a few positive change, with a new map, a new way to win by killing the prisoner and weapons increasing in rarity as the match goes on. However, my one main issue with it is that I feel as though the two man gulag sort of defeats the premise and is a bad change. Other than that, Warzone 2 is insanely good and anyone who’s a fan of the last will live this.

Finally with a new game comes a new battle pass, and the new battle pass system is great. You can go through the map choosing what items you will get meaning it feels more custom to you, and you have to wait less to get a weapon you really want (with the exception of the tier 100 blueprint and operator).

So overall it’s a really good instalment and a great triumph to the gaming franchise!!!

Available for PlayStation, XBox and PC 28/10/22 (PEGI 18) 4.5 Stars

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Incredible graphics, the gameplay is so much fun, a brilliant story mode and there’s always bundles of cool updates throughout the year with these games. A must own for gamers!!!

Call of Duty Warzone – Operation Monarch Godzilla vs Kong


Call of Duty Warzone – Operation Monarch Godzilla vs Kong review

Nowadays online multiplayer games all come with cosmetic items to add to the play, yet none do it better then Activision, with Warzone releasing some of the best skins in the industry. The playable skins are not always ‘Activision own brands’, as they regularly partner up with other companies to bring iconic characters to the gameplay.

The Godzilla vs Kong bundles for Call of Duty are very good. Every Warzone bundle comes with a skin as well as blueprints for the various weapons available. Past skins range from brands such as Rambo and Donnie Darko, to the Saw franchises antagonist Jigsaw. All of which are great fun to use within the Call of Duty game.

The bundles themselves don’t grant any actual advantages to the play, but they do allow players to use weapons that may not have been unlocked as yet.

Another added bonus with the blueprints are the tracers, which allow for your bullets to have different coloured trails during the combat.

Finally the bundles all come with finishers which allow for an instant kill and also give the added satisfaction of humiliating and frustrating opponents. This addition to the bundle is great as it allows you to drop a plane wing on someone or throw them around for fun.

In terms of positives, these bundles are rather affordable with each costing around seventeen pounds. They all look really cool and of course the guns are fun to use during play. 

As for negatives, realistically other then the fact they don’t grant major advantages, they are the perfect cosmetic bundles and if your a fan of any of the movies you will naturally want to own them. 

Available on PlayStation, XBox and PC 11/5/22 (PEGI 18) 5 Stars

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Godzilla and Kong are tow of the most iconic movie characters of all time and these new bundles are a great bonus to the Call of Duty game. Highly Recommended!!!

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PlayStation 5 – Call of Duty Vanguard


PlayStation 5 – Call of Duty Vanguard Review

It’s time for yet another instalment of one of the greatest video game series of all time. And by that of course I am talking about Call of Duty Vanguard.

Call of Duty is globally enjoyed by millions and is pretty much the father of all first-person shooter games. Vanguard comes with two versions, the ultimate edition which though may be more expensive is very good as you get a loads of weapon cosmetics as well as a night raid PPSH skin to use in Warzone and Cold War. This newest game is based around the Second World War and includes historical events of heroic efforts made to show the lesser known stories of diversity in that war.

The main character for this latest release is Arthur Kingsley and like every Call of Duty iteration there are brand new weapons, notably the assault rifle STG44, the KAR98K is back and the MP40. These weapons also come with updated features such as the addition of being able to hold up to ten attachments per weapon which really changes the gameplay and adds a lot more customisation and uniqueness when gaming. Along with this comes many new maps, notably as of November 2021 there is Berlin, Decoy, Castle (which looks absolutely stunning with the next gen graphics) and Desert Siege; though there are many more coming plus the returning community favoured map ( Arriving on November 17th which is a good sign for what’s to come).

However, the maps aren’t the only exciting part of the new game. There are also three very important additions to the gameplay. Console gamers can now utilize the newly added FOV Slider, meaning console players can now see more of their surrounding and are in a better place to go toe to toe with the PC players.

Also, the new mechanic added to mounting allows players to strafe whilst mounting allowing them to dodge being hit easier. Finally, the new Blind Firing mechanic is very beneficial and really good fun to use as it works very well and is an incredibly feature while in combat with other players.

Within the Multiplayer mode there are also new addition to Zombies game. As a big Call of Duty Zombies fan, I found the changes to this mode very interesting. To start with, some positives are that the new map (Der Anteing) is very entertaining and is one of the better Zombies maps. The new Perk System is very useful of which (for those who are unaware) you now get the first level of the Perk for free and can level it up with points at a later point. This is an excellent idea as it means you can gain the effects of your favourite perks early on, instead of waiting until a leter point.

I do have a few problems with the latest incarnation of Zombies. Firstly, the new map feels a little small and after a bit they become very repetitive, especially since there are no round based maps. Although this will probably be updated soon as Activation are pretty good at addressing problems, especially seeing as the previous game Cold War had my favourite version of Zombies. Also, it feels like all of the new weapons are very multiplayer based and none of them seem particularly effective in Zombies. Although overall I do enjoy the new Zombies and itching to see future updates for the game mode.

I’m in a very early stage for the new Call of Duty story mode, but from what I’ve played so far it’s very good. The story is set towards the end of the Second World War, with the Nazis discovering that things are no longer in their favour and they are very likely to lose the war.

The British Intelligence send in Lieutenant Arthur Kingsley, (Based loosely on a highly respected historical black serviceman named Sergeant Sidney Cornell) to work alongside Polina Petrova (Also based loosely on a highly respected female Ukrainian sharpshooter called Lyudmila Pavlichenko). These characters are integral to the new story mode, which has been really refreshing to see as it’s one of the first times diversity has been so well represented in a mainstream video game franchise. The gameplay feels very smooth, especially so with the added movement on mounting which really helps players to get through and beat many elements of the game.

Overall, I really enjoy Call of Duty Vanguard and know I will have lots of fun unlocking Camos like the new Atomic Weapon Camo, which looks very clean. Future updates will massivly add to the overall gameplay of Vanguard, but as of release I would rate it 4 stars with my favourite part being the new Blind Fire mechanic which has really assisted with winning many online games already. Although the new FOV slider is very useful too.

This game will not disappointed in the slightest.

Available on PlayStation 5 5/11/21 (PEGI 18) 4 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

If you’re a Call of Duty fan you wont be disappointed. It’s action packed, has some great new characters/ weapons and upgrades like the FOV slider really add to the gameplay. There are some elements like the Zombie’s section that could do with some enhancements, but I dare say that will be looked at by Activision with future updates. Overall this is a great edition to the Call of Duty Franchise!!!

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PlayStation 5 – Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War


PlayStation 5 – Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War

Ending off the year with the brand new Call of Duty is always exciting and with Cold War bringing about a setting we have never seen before, there are many reasonings to be excited. The game widely follows its predecessors, with the majority of new mechanics and features being within the zombie and campaign game modes. This game is by far is one of the smoothest CODs to date with gameplay feeling great. The brand new triggers on the PS5 controller give an entirely new feel to the game with the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers complimenting each other to make the PS5 easily the best console input to play on.

Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War Modes:


Starting with the campaign, Cold War offers just under 10 hours of gameplay for an average gamer as you go under the alias ‘Bell’, an American agent as they try to stop Perseus, a one-man threat to the free world. The gameplay within the campaign is very enjoyable but has considerably more action taking place without a gun than previous instalments. You find yourself sneaking round bases and targets homes very often as the game offers you two options to play out many of the missions; a stealthy hitman/assassin’s creed-esque style of gameplay or the classic well-loved guns blazing approach. This is particularly refreshing and makes this game feel unique to any of the other COD. Another brand new addition is the lock-picking skills which tie in nicely with the more covert theme of Cold War to make you feel like a mix between James bond and Catwoman as you prowl the streets and buildings within the Soviet Union. Furthermore, here is a greater incentive for the completionists out there, with the new edition of the clues map. This allows you to not only recap the story far but also is added to whenever you find clues scattered throughout the missions as they unlock various side missions. I, myself, found this led to replay missions in order to unlock these side missions which do a great job in enriching the story.

The actual story is solid with character development being great as the game gives you the chance to walk around your base between missions, starting up conversations with crew members enhancing overall interest in the characters. We see nods to previous characters including Mason and Woods yet Cold War strikes a good balance, only having them momentarily allowing the new characters to really shine. The lack of new guns and varied troops is slightly disappointing and scenes without stealth gameplay become too same-ey as you get to the end of the game. However, although the story sometimes feels a little slow when compared to previous campaigns, the multi-ending scenes are exceptional. It allows the player to get really dark if they so choose so or get the classic happy ending.

To conclude, Cold war’s campaign is pretty good with game play feeling smooth and a new style of more assassin style game play being really refreshing. Its only downfalls are the slightly slow plot points and the lack of innovation within enemies and guns. Overall, I give the campaign a solid 4/5


This year’s multiplayer is very stripped back with many feeling it is a step back for the franchise. However, I enjoyed the decrease, finding the simplifications in game play really enjoyable. The increased hit count before death provides players with more of a chance to shoot back without making kills too difficult to obtain, increasing the game’s attractiveness to new players. However, other than the change in the actual player mechanics, Cold war’s multiplayer is far from perfect. The new addition of VIP mode is not nearly as fun as past game modes and ‘Dirty Bomb’ also falls short of making any large impact. One great feature, however, is the hardcore modes, in which the increased hit count is reverted, feeling like past CODs. Bugs don’t seem to be a massive problem, and game play feels very smooth however this fluidity seems to come at a cost of a reducing in map features. Maps have a lack of personality and at the moment there are only 10 within the game, significantly less than the 14 maps within Modern Warfare yet, of course, there will be updates to this so I may be being too impatient. Additionally, maps seem to be even less user friendly with the smaller maps having issues with enemy visibility. However, one and perhaps the only map that stands out for purely good reasons is Armada. This map is in the middle of the Northern Atlantic Ocean and provides a great experience for players of all skill levels through its advantages for both long-range and short-range weapons and lack of camping spots which are especially prevalent within Cold war. Overall, Cold War is a good shooter but not a great COD. When compared to past maps, the settings just seem empty. The only consolation is the new style of stripped game play. Overall, I give the multiplayer 3.5/5


Although contrary to most COD players, I am not the biggest fan of Zombies as a game mode, however, there is no question about the quality of  Cold War’s zombies. Although there is only one map (the Vietnam setting is only rumoured at the time of writing), it is made up for by the new features added. You can now bring your multiplayer loadout with you to start the waves off and special abilities are as fun as ever to use. Weapons are now assigned rarities as they get stronger, making progression more satisfying and random boxes are found throughout the map adding to the excitement. Zombies still provide a major challenge,  even without the scrabbling around for weapons due to the higher supply of weapons, and perks are still unchanged. There is now an option to leave the map at wave 10 via helicopter giving an option to end the game sooner for a more convenient playing experience. Overall, I feel the zombies’ formula has only gotten better and is the onslaught of thousands of zombies with 3 friends has remained unbeaten this year. I give zombies 5/5.

In conclusion, the campaign is fun and brings a new outlook to the original trigger happy experience through its spy-like game play yet due to the story seeming to be missing something and enemies being boring to fight against, it receives a 4/5. Multiplayer is very fun but the mixture of not up to par new game modes and boring maps lead it to get a 3. Finally, zombies is almost perfect, providing a really great experience for players looking for an onslaught, hence why I gave it a 5/5.

Available for PlayStation 5 19/11/20 (PEGI 18) 4 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

A must own for all ‘Call of Duty’ fans and with regular game play updates. The combat fun will keep coming and coming and coming. Looks stunning on the PlayStation 5!!!

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