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Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One


Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One review by Con

In Cinemas 10/7/23 (12A) 3.5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

Con’s given this film ‘3.5 Stars’, not because this isn’t a really good Mission Impossible Movie – this film is stunning. Action packed from start to finish. Really funny. And full of Tom Cruise doing what Tom Cruise does. The reason for the ‘3.5 Stars’, this is just the first half of the ‘Dead Reckoning’ story. You can tell that Part one is building up to something so much bigger, that we’ll see in Part 2. Tom hasn’t given us the best of ‘Dead Reckoning’ yet – that’s in the next movie. A must see for everyone!!!

Kidzcoolit: Con meets the stars at the Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One UK Premiere CLICK HERE!!!

Prey for the Devil


Prey for the Devil review by Con

Available on Digital Download 12/12/22 (15) 4 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

This is such a great horror movie with lots of jumpy moments. Exorcist meets The Woman in Black with a feel of A Nightmare on Elm Street!!!

Con with Prey for the Devil star Colin Salmon at MCM Comic Con!!!

Top Gun


Top Gun review by Harrison

Available on DVD, Blu-Ray, 4k and Digital Download (12) 5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

Top Gun is a classic part of movie pop culture. It need to be seen at least once in your life!!!!

Top Gun: Maverick In Cinemas 25th May!!!