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Con at The Almond and The Seahorse UK Premiere


Con at The Almond and The Seahorse UK Premiere!!!

Con with Rebel Wilson!!! (Sarah)

Celyn Jones!!! (Joe/Co-Director)

Meera Syal!!! (Dr Falmer)

Ruth Madeley!!! (Jenny)

Patrick Elue!!! (Moses)

Rachel Adedeji!!! (Billie)

Introduction Before the movie!!!

Charlotte Tilbury Gifts!!!

The Almond and The Seahorse in Cinemas 10/5/24!!!

Vindication Swim


Vindication Swim review by Con

In Cinemas 8/3/24 (PG) 4 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

This is such a brilliant story, well told and shot, with some brilliant performances. So pleased we got to see it on the big screen. Some of the magic of the cinematography will be lost on a smaller screen – so go see it at the cinema while you can. Highly Recommended!!!

Con at the Vindication Swim UK Premiere CLICK HERE!!!

Con at the Vindication Swim UK Premiere


Con at the Vindication Swim UK Premiere!!!

Elliott Hasler!!! (Writer/Director)

John Loche!!! (Harold Best)

Victoria Summer!!! (Edith Gade)

Con with legendary The Rolling Stones and Faces musician Ronnie Wood at the Vindication Swim Party!!!

Kirsten Callaghan (Mercedes Gleitze and Exec Producer)

Simon Hasler!!! (Producer along with Sally Humphreys Wood and Douglas McJannet)

Nicola Pearcey!!! (Exec Producer)

Matt Pearcey!!! (Exec Producer)

Justin Hayward!!! (Leonard Clay)

Premiere Goodie Bag!!!

Vindication Swim in Cinemas 8/3/24 – Review CLICK HERE!!!

Prime Video – The Peripheral


Prime Video – The Peripheral review by Con

Available on Prime Video 21/10/22 (16 Years +) 5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

Now maybe? Just maybe, we’re jumping the gun a bit with our ‘5 Stars review’ after only seeing one episode. But this show feels like its going to be special based on what we’ve seen. It’s like a modern day Matrix with the British Drama styling of shows such as Luther, Peeky Blinders and Top Boy mixed with the US styling of shows such as Westworld. Definitely one to be watching!!!

Con with the Cast at The Peripheral UK Premiere CLICK HERE!!!