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Next Goal Wins


Next Goal Wins review Con

Available on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Download 8/4/24 (12) 3 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

This is a fun film and perfect for a wet Sunday afternoon. It does exactly what you expect it to do. But if you love Taiki Waititi movies as much as we do, it’s a must see!!!

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Netflix – The Beautiful Game


Netflix – The Beautiful Game review by Harrison!!!

Available on Netflix 29/3/24 (12) 4.5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

Firstly, this is a brilliant movie. Secondly, if you love football you’ll love it. But even if you have no interest in Football you’ll love it. It’s not really about Football, In the same way The Full Monty isn’t really about Strippers. Such a unique story with some beautiful characters and fun mini stories making up an entire film. Love Actually and Full Monty fans will really enjoy The Beautiful Game – Highly Recommended!!!

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Harrison at The Beautiful Game Premiere


Harrison at The Beautiful Game Premiere!!!

Bill Nighy!!! (Mal)

Thea Sharrock!!! (Director)

Susan Wokoma!!! (Protasia)

Robin Nazari!!! (Aldar)

Sheyi Cole!!! (Jason)

Trevor Magaya!!!

Recorded message from Michael Ward!!! (Vinny)

The latest issue of The Big Issue!!!

Available on Netflix 29/3/24 – Review CLICK HERE!!!

Prime Video – Rooney


Prime Video – Rooney review by Harrison

Available on Prime Video 11/2/22 (15) 3.5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

This is a nice time capsule of the highs and lows of Wayne Rooney’s life. The film’s well made and both Wayne and Coleen are very honest and come across well on camera. The only negative is most of their life was really well publicised over the years, so there’s nothing really new that we don’t already know. That said it’s a must see for any football or Wayne Rooney fan and a great celebration of the sporting side of Rooney’s story. The guy was a genuinely magnificent and electrifying player to watch on the pitch!!!



FIFA 21 review by Harrison

Out on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC 9/10/20 (PEGI 3) 5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

This is always a must own game for our house as it always guarantees a full year of play. There’s loads of new modes of play and all the latest players. Highly Recommended!!!