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Hasbro – Ghostbusters Plasma Series Spengler’s Neutrona Wand


Hasbro – Ghostbusters Plasma Series Spengler’s Neutrona Wand review by Con

Available from all good retailers (14 Years +) 5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

This is 100% a must own for the die hard Ghostbusters fan. So authentic in its look and how it functions. This collectable is a thing of beauty – Highly Recommended!!!

The First Omen


The First Omen review by Con

In Cinemas 5/4/24 (15) 3.5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

This movie could have quite easily been a complete car crash – but it’s actually pretty good and comes with some great moments that both old and new fans will enjoy. The original trilogy is a classic. But who knows? Maybe this will do the same thing as the originals, for a new audience!!!

Con at The First Omen Screening Party!!!

The First Omen Goodie Bag!!!

Godzilla x Kong – The New Empire


Godzilla x Kong – The New Empire review by Con

In Cinemas 29/3/24 (12A) 3.5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

Me and Con had differing opinions. We gave it 5 Stars for the family market on Kidzcoolit and for the older audience on Youth #Gottit, I would have given it 4 Stars. But as much as Con loved the movie, he felt there should have been more Godzilla in the film. That said – we both agree this is a great movie and all Monsterverse fans need to see it!!!

Con at the Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire Screening Party in London!!!

Netflix – The Beautiful Game


Netflix – The Beautiful Game review by Harrison!!!

Available on Netflix 29/3/24 (12) 4.5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

Firstly, this is a brilliant movie. Secondly, if you love football you’ll love it. But even if you have no interest in Football you’ll love it. It’s not really about Football, In the same way The Full Monty isn’t really about Strippers. Such a unique story with some beautiful characters and fun mini stories making up an entire film. Love Actually and Full Monty fans will really enjoy The Beautiful Game – Highly Recommended!!!

Harrison at The Beautiful Game Premiere CLICK HERE!!!

Harrison at The Beautiful Game Premiere


Harrison at The Beautiful Game Premiere!!!

Bill Nighy!!! (Mal)

Thea Sharrock!!! (Director)

Susan Wokoma!!! (Protasia)

Robin Nazari!!! (Aldar)

Sheyi Cole!!! (Jason)

Trevor Magaya!!!

Recorded message from Michael Ward!!! (Vinny)

The latest issue of The Big Issue!!!

Available on Netflix 29/3/24 – Review CLICK HERE!!!



Wicked review by Con (Additional matinee performance on Thursday 4th April to celebrate Easter)

Apollo Victoria Theatre, Victoria London (Tuesday – Sunday) 5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

This is our favourite theatre show, we’ve seen it many time and never get bored of seeing it. If you’ve never seen Wicked on the stage – you’re really missing out. Highly Recommended!!!

Con, Sophie and Kidzcoolit’s Bex at Wicked!!!

Con with original Wicked Costume!!!

Wicked Merchandise!!!

PlayStation 5 – Rise of the Ronin


PlayStation 5 – Rise of the Ronin Review

Rise of the Ronin is a Souls-like story game where you travel around 1860s Japan, killing
enemies and completing many fun missions. All whilst searching for your blade twin – your samurai
partner who went missing after being attacked by the blue demon on a ‘foreigner’s’ ship.
This gameplay is honestly the standout of this title. There is an incredibly wide variety of
different weapons for you to choose from, and for each weapon there’s a giant range of
fighting styles you can play with, each having benefits and drawbacks that let you really play
the game the way you want to. The movement mechanics, though simple, are a lots of fun
with a glider and grappling hook as well as the classic horse option for when you’re travelling
long distances.

There’s also an insane amount of customisation and, although gear that has stats can
become annoying at times, the variety for both your character, their clothes, and their
weapons makes up for this. There’s also a unique buddy system that lets you make bonds
with the different people you meet through missions, letting you call on them when you need
a helping hand. As well as this, the co-op works really well, so if you have a friend you want to
play with you definitely need to try that option!

And the final awesome gameplay mechanic is when you parry projectiles, your blade can become infused with the projectile. This means you can light your blades on fire before attacking enemies.

The drawbacks of this game don’t relate to the gameplay specifically, but rather in the story
and the graphics. The story is very one dimensional and drags on a bit, leaving no urge
to do the story mode and rather just run around attacking random bad guys. As well as this, the
graphics are not always the best in some areas. This doesn’t make the game unplayable by any means but in a title like this, when world building is everything you definitely notice it. But this game is fun and well worth playing!

Available on PlayStation 5 22/3/24 (PEGI 18) 4 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

Fan of ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ or the ‘Dark Souls’ games will really love this game. The story though simplistic is definitely impactful in sections and the gameplay is unique and fun. Well worth a play!!!

Ghostbusters Frozen Empire


Ghostbusters Frozen Empire review by Con

In Cinemas 22/3/24 (12A) 4 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

This movie is so good. The last one was good for setting up the future of the series, but this movie takes Ghostbusters back to the roots of the first two films. Highly Recommended!!!

Con at the Ghostbusters Frozen Empire UK Screening!!!

Writer/Director Gil Kenan on stage with Alex Zane!!!

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Robot Dreams


Robot Dreams review by Con

In Cinemas 22/3/24 (PG) 5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

This is not the film you think it is. It’s so much more than what you see in the trailer and plays to an older viewer as well as the youngsters. One of the cleverest animated films we’ve seen in a while, with some lovely subtle nods to adult relationships taking many different forms. A very special movie experience – Highly Recommended!!!

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