The Banishing – Ghost Stories & Religion in Horror with Director


The Banishing – Harrison talks Ghost Stories and Religion in Horror with Director Christopher Smith!!!

If you could Direct a remake of any classic Horror – which film would you choose and why?

I’ve often thought about doing a remake of Nosferatu. I’ve always loved the design of the Count in that film. Even when it was remade with Klaus Kinski or used in Salem’s Lot, there is something inherently scary about the Nosferatu vampire. I think Nosferatu would be the perfect way to reboot the vampire genre.

Have you or anyone close to you ever had a paranormal experience and if so what happened?

No. Sorry for the boring answer but to me all supernatural events are actually events that are happening within the mind of the person. That’s why I love The Shining so much. The hotel is Jack Torrence’s mind. If someone tells me they’re haunted I take it to mean they’re not well.

I always find ghost stories far scarier to watch than slasher movies. Do you agree with this and if so what do you think it is about ghost stories that makes them so scary?

I actually find slasher movies more scary but I find ghost stories more interesting.  Ghosts are essentially you being tormented by your own past. Something of the past is invading the present, just like bad memories, though in their scariest manifestation.

Why do you think religion is regularly used to enhance the scare factor of so many horror movies?

I think religion is in human DNA,  whether your are a believer or not. Anything that successfully taps into that deeply ingrained belief, unsettles something within us and makes us uncomfortable. There’s also something inherently filmic about rituals of any kind. 

The ending of The Banishing makes it feel very open to a sequel. Are there any plans to develop the story further?

I certainly would like to explore  Harry Reed more, as I believe Shaun Harris created a really interesting character. For me the end is very much about the awakening of violence both within the characters and the world as a whole. The idea that prejudice can all too easily be dug up and harnessed within people  to revolting ends.

The Pandemic has given people extra time to be creative. Has the extra time been useful to you and do you think the quality in the films made over the coming years will be better due to Filmmakers having more time to develop their ideas?

Only time will tell. I imagine there will be a spate of twisted films, although you never can tell, perhaps people are so tired of feeling miserable that swathe of comedies are about to flood the market!


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Harrison talks strange sounds & best venues with Flex FM DJ Jodie Weston


Harrison talks strange sounds and best venues to play with Flex FM DJ Jodie Weston!!!   

What’s your favourite song to play as part of your DJ set and at what point in the set do you play it? 

Jodie Weston – I love the song “Losing It” by Fisher, that’s always a good one to get people on their feet and great crowd engagement. I usually drop it right in the middle of my set to keep everyone involved  

If you could co-produce a track with any other DJ who would it be and why? 

Jodie Weston – Probably Joel Corry because he has a reality tv background like me. I think it would be a good collab! 

He has a huge fan base, so the song would deffo be a massive hit!  

What has been the strangest sound you’ve ever had when mixing tracks and why did it happen? 

Jodie Weston – Oh sometimes the decks can play up and go into an emergency loop where the track is stuck on the same 4 beats of music and keep going round and round. Of course it always seems to happen at the worst point imaginable!

 When that occurs it’s very stressful as it can be a problem with a cable around the back or a usb, but you don’t know until you try a few different things, which takes time and sometimes the cdjs need to be switched off completely or reset. It happened to me on my 3rd ever radio show and my heart sank. I tried to style it out by laughing it off which is probably the best way to deal with it. One of the team came running in to help me reboot the equipment but yeah it definitely made my heart skip a beat and I was anxious for the rest of the show! 

What’s the easiest and the hardest thing about DJ’ing?  

Jodie Weston – The easiest thing for me is picking the tracks because I’ve always had a good ear for music and know how to manipulate moods through music. I know which songs are going to make people happy, reflective, full of life, nostalgic etc and which songs sound good together or have a similar vibe.

The hardest part is knowing which part of the song to transition at and when to take the original track out, but after you’ve dj’d for awhile especially in a particular genre of music like I play (house), songs tend to have drops at particular points of the song and it’s always good to take the original track out just before the drop of the new song because It makes the transition to the next track really clean! 

Where are your top 5 places to DJ? 

Jodie Weston – I have played at embargo Republica in Chelsea that was super fun, it’s where a lot of the Made In Chelsea cast hang out! 

I love DJing on radio (Flex FM) because I get to interact with the listeners and talk whilst playing my favourite songs 

I played at a boat party on the river Thames just before the lockdown, that was a fun experience especially as the boat was swaying side to side! 

I would love to play in Las Vegas one day as it’s my favourite city in the world, that’s the ultimate goal! 

I would also love to play at Creamfields because that’s the creme de la creme Of Uk Dance Music Festivals, that place is huge! 

Catch Jodie Weston’s new show ‘The Dollhouse’ on Flex FM!!!

Bugs Bunny’s turns 80!! We talk to Looney Tunes Showrunner.


Bugs Bunny’s 80th Birthday – Who is ‘Doc’? Harrison and Con talk to Looney Tunes Exec Producer/Showrunner Peter Browngardt!!!

What’s been the weirdest Looney Tunes Comedy idea you’ve been pitched for a Cartoon? Con age 13

Pete Browngardt That’s a tough one. Maybe the weidest one was when Daffy and Bugs brains get exchanged. They get switched. So now they have their personalities in different bodies.

With Bugs Bunny being 80 years old – In what way is it easier to make the cartoons now and is there anything that’s harder to do with Bugs Bunny cartoons today?  Harrison age 15

Pete Browngardt It’s definitely not easier to do now. Any time you’re making a cartoon that there are classic cartoons out there from the past – it’s always very scary and challenging to try and make something that’s as good as those classics.  The hardest thing is just trying to make them as good as the classics – with being able to draw the characters as well. And animate them as well and tell stories as well.

If Bugs Bunny lived in the real world what job do you think he would do? Con age 13

Pete Browngardt That’s a good questions. The thing about Bugs is he’s so good – he would do so many jobs.  So maybe he would be like a temp employee where he could work a different job every day.

Who is ‘Doc’? Harrison age 15

Pete Browngardt – I think ‘Doc’ is whoever Bugs is talking to. So it could be you, it could be me, it could be anybody if Bugs come up and talks to you. He’s referring to you as Doc!!!

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Break – Harrison talks to the stars at the World Premiere


Break – Harrison talks to the stars at the World Premiere!!!

Harrison with the stars on the ‘Green’ Carpet!!!

Sam Gittins!!! (Spencer Pryde)

Sophie Stevens!!! (Shelley)

Terri Dwyer!!! (Cathy/Break Producer)

Adam Deacon!!! (Weasel)

Anna Danshina!!! (Alena)

Scott Peden!!! (Ginger)

Charlie Wernham!!! (Wallis)

Daniel O’Leary!!! (Jimbo)

Dylan Heath!!! (Young Spencer)

Micheal Elkin!!! (Break Writer/Director)

Dean Fisher!!! (Producer)

Break review by Harrison CLICK HERE!!!

‘Break’ Screening at Drive-In Cinemas around the UK This Summer!!!

The Rifleman – Harrison Discusses Revolution with films Director


The Rifleman – Harrison Discusses The First World War, Russian Revolution and Wartime Parallels with Director Dzintars Dreibergs!!!

Do you consider ‘The Rifleman’ a World War 1 or Russian Revolution movie? Harrison age 15

Dzintars Dreibergs – There is no Russian Revolution without WW1. The great war was catalyst for people to realize the stupidity of the war in order to re-evaluate the need own rights and not living in delusional words of god like Kaisers and Czars. But foremost – I consider this to be movie of young boy during the war, the recognition how messy and unjust it has always been. At the age of 16 you have crazy jokes, need for love and the war is just some crazy background that makes you mature so much faster.

What was the most shocking fact that you learned while researching the film? Harrison age 15

Dzintars Dreibergs – How fast we forget things. I never felt how recent was WW2 – I have lived longer than its distance till my birthday, yet I never felt how close it was. We tend to forget tragic things but it brings very bad habits in not learning from our past mistakes.

None who experienced war in its core would ever consider it to be a solution to anything, however, somehow violence is still present.

And one more thing – you cannot defeat those who fight for their homes.

Have you ever heard stories from veterans from this period of the war/revolution and what was your opinion on their accounts of the hardship endured by the people of Latvia? Harrison age 15

Dzintars Dreibergs – Latvia was the battleground. There was no choice to decide – to fight or not to fight, it is just – which army will mobilize you. You fight for some ideas of crazy rulers while you just want to get back home, to family.

Riflemen met the next war after just 20 years of peace. After the Soviet occupation they never had chance to speak freely about the freedom fights during WW1 thus they were never properly honoured.

However I read all the possible memoirs, letters in order to understand them – to see how alike they were despite that they are photographed on black and white film.

When you made The Rifleman – did you expect it to have the appeal it’s had outside of Latvia? Harrison age 15

Dzintars Dreibergs – We all are same. We want to love and be loved. None of us want to experience the tragedies with our closest ones. There is no difference where the fighting occurs but I hoped that international audience would be interested to see how the war looks from the battleground.

We tried to make film – how it would feel from the first person’s view and I am happy that people around the world can associate with this young boy.

The worlds not a great place right now – what parallels can you see between now and during the period that the film is set? Harrison age 15

Dzintars Dreibergs – First, the world is in the great place now. We live better than ever. We fight for human values which is impossible mission during the war. Many memories of soldiers tell how hard it was to live with themselves after they discovered animals within themselves, we can do sad things when fight for survival becomes real.

However, the sad part is that still there are state leaders that can convince people to kill for some ideology, leaving other’s nothing else but to defend and then starting long and crazy circle of many tragedies. I hope the world can learn from the history and stop this nonsense.

The Rifleman in Showcase Cinemas 26/7/20 – Review CLICK HERE!!!

The Drive-In Club – Harrison talks to the Young Rocketman!


The Drive-In Club – Being the Young Rocketman. Harrison talks to Matthew Illesley!!!

What were you thinking the moment you finished your first scene playing Reggie? Harrison age 15

Matthew Illesley – My first scene was acting with Bryce Dallas Howard. She is one of my favourite actors because I love Jurassic World. I just thought it was awesome to be acting with her.

When researching the part what did you find most interesting about the childhood of young Elton? Harrison age 15

Matthew Illesley – I thought Elton was quite cool because he didn’t mind what other people thought. I was very sad that all he wanted was a hug and love from his dad, and he didn’t get either.

If you could go back in time and write one of Elton’s songs which song would you choose and why? Harrison age 15

Matthew Illesley – If I could write one of Elton’s songs it would probably have been Your Song as it had a great feeling and it’s such a great song to sing.

Before meeting Elton John were you nervous about meeting such a big rock star and how did those feeling change after meeting him? Harrison age 15

Matthew Illesley – I was quite nervous meeting Sir Elton as the first time I met him was at the Premiere. Having met him and talked to him I thought he was awesome and very friendly. I had met David Furnish (his husband) a few times before and he was awesome too.

This was your first big movie role – what was the biggest lesson you learned? Harrison age 15

Matthew Illesley – I think the biggest lesson I learned was that you have to keep trying. Eventually if you keep trying and working hard, you may well succeed.

The Drive-In Club Blockbuster Movies Hosted by Alex Zane – Rocketman with Dexter Fletcher CLICK HERE!!!

Upcoming The Drive-In Club Movies!!!

Matthew, 10, from Gloucestershire trains with Stagebox: 

The Host – Harrison talks Horror Classics, Scary Situations Abroad and Burgers with Mike Beckingham, Ruby Turner and Writer/Producer Zachary Weckstein


The Host – Harrison talks Horror Classics, Scary Situations Abroad and Burgers with Mike Beckingham, Ruby Turner and Writer/Producer Zachary Weckstein!!!

Where is the best place you’ve ever eaten a burger and what was in it?

Mike Beckingham – Well I’m a pescatarian so am I allowed to say a ‘Lobster Roll’?! Does that count as a burger? When I was out on the East Coast of America a friend of mine Tim Abell took me to the coast and we ate this freshly made (literally just out the sea) Lobster Roll with this incredible sauce. The Lobster roll with these gorgeous New England surroundings made it the best I think.

Ruby Turner – The best burger I’ve ever tasted was from Burger King. One night after seeing the Lion King in London, and making our way back to the train station we decided to grab a burger for the journey. It was the best I’ve ever tasted. That Double Whopper had just the right amount of everything!

Zachary Weckstein – The best burger I’ve ever had was at the Amsterdam Burger ‘n Shake. It was while we were filming the burger scene of the feature film THE HOST. The meat was so tender, the bread was amazing, and all the toppings were crispy fresh. They have over 10 organic flavours of milk shakes, too!

What is the scariest situation you’ve ever been in while being abroad and what happened?

Mike Beckingham – As you’re still a teenager Harrison I’ll keep it PG13. There was a time I was in Spain with some friends, and we thought it a good idea to buy a couple of dingy’s to use in the sea. We went down to the sea on an out of the way path, got in our dingy’s and just relaxed under the hot sunshine. Little did we know but we had all fallen asleep and when we woke up we had drifted quite far out to sea. We had to jump out and paddle with our feet back to shore, which I think took over an hour with a sort of relay thing going on. Safe to say I stick close to the shore nowadays.

Ruby Turner – Many years ago doing a recording session in Switzerland for Culture Club, we had a day off from the Studio. So myself and the other session singer, Helen Terry, decided to take a train up to the mountains. It was terrifying! The sheer drop from the outside of the train was horrendous to see. We couldn’t wait to return to the ground level.

Zachary Weckstein – When I was snowboarding in Austria and went off-piste, and found myself getting close to a waterfall. There was all this barbed wire fencing and I had to try and climb up the mountain in heavy powder. Lying on my stomach , I used my board to pull myself up the mountain. I hit the top of a cave, the snow poured in, and I fell into the cave. I prayed, and eventually after an hour of trying to get out, I found the right position to get out. I’ve been more careful since.

What is the worst Hotel experience you’ve ever had and why was it so bad? 

Mike Beckingham – I won’t mention any business name but I did once stay in a place that seemed very lovely from the outset. Gorgeous building, really lovely room. However during the night, I couldn’t sleep and kept feeling like a pin prick at different parts of my back. After just a couple of hours sleep it was morning and when I woke up my entire back was covered in bed bug bites, it was scary and painful at the same time. Due to be being in America I wasn’t sure which medication to take. I then had a reaction to a medication and an awful night the following night as well. Not fun times! 

You perform in an underground Triad club in ‘The Host’ – where was the toughest place you’ve ever performed and why was it so tough?

Ruby Turner – I have played in some amazing venues over the years, but this particular venue was different. A small tent in Ireland. There was no room for anyone to move. Getting on stage meant climbing over all sorts to get to the microphone. Then it was having to lean on the piano to sing so half the audience couldn’t see you. We have great sound engineers so the people got to hear us even though they couldn’t see who was singing.

If you found yourself in either Robert or Steve’s position would you do what they had to do?

Zachary Weckstein – If I was Steve, and was having an argument with my brother, I wouldn’t end the argument with him walking away. I’m one who has to conclude disagreements and sort things out at the time, not later. That being said, I would still have searched for him, and followed the cookie crumbs to wherever they lead to find him.

Like Robert, we have sometimes made the wrong choices and have gone down that wrong road. I believe and have been taught to learn from any mistakes, and think before doing. First mistake of Robert’s was the affair with his bosses wife. Instead of then choosing the road of stealing money to remedy my problems, I would get off the slippery slope and on to the path of hard work with better days ahead instead of looking for the impulsive quick fix.

The Host takes some inspiration from classic Horror’s – what’s your favourite horror movie of all time and why do you like it? Mike you’re allowed to say ‘Shaun of the Dead’ if you want to keep your brother (Simon Pegg) happy!!! 

Mike Beckingham – Lol! Harrison I have been reliably informed you’ve seen SOTD, and whoever showed you, they have great taste and I really hope you enjoyed it. Of course SOTD is my favourite horror but if I wasn’t allowed to choose that then my favourite horror has to be ‘The Exorcist’, nothing comes close to it for me. Released in 1973 they had priests walking up and down cinema queues blessing people, the film had that big an impact and still does in my opinion. It’s the ultimate Good Vs Evil and some incredible performances to boot. I would strongly recommend you give it a watch if the time is right and you’re parents will allow it, and when you do let me know what you think.

Ruby Turner – I think Psycho has to be the most terrifying film I’ve ever seen. I was very young when it first came out into the cinemas. I can say it’s still the most scary film that first comes to mind every time.

Zachary Weckstein – My favourite horror film would have to be Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Mama’. If I choose for a darker film, I normally choose a psychological thriller for the richness of the story. This horror is a true exception with an amazing impactful story, with so many twists, really dramatic, amazing colouring and very well produced subtle special effects. This ghost story offers cinematography and sound that the audience will never forget.

What scares you most in real life?

Mike Beckingham – Might sound silly to most but probably letting people down. I set myself high standards and much like in The Host sometimes even a good person can make a bad decision and when this happens it’s tough to take, I’m hard on myself. I try to be very aware of how I impact others. So probably that… oh and Spiders.

Ruby Turner – I don’t like Creepy Crawleys Spiders, toads and such!

Zachary Weckstein – As a child, I was afraid of so many things, and it was wonderful and so empowering to get over each fear one-by-one. Now I don’t have fears and can share those past nightmares in stories and films.

Available on Video on Demand 17/4/20 (15) 

Harrison at the Blue Story World Premiere


Harrison asks the stars of the Blue Story ‘Blue Carpet’ about their Fears for Young People, Music’s influence, Drill Music and What they would change to stop Gang Violence if they were Prime Minister!!!

Youth #Gottit – Harrison at the Blue Story World Premiere!!!

Harrison with Rapman (Blue Story Writer/Director)!!!

Stephen Odubola (Timmy)!!!

Michael Ward (Marco)!!!

Damian Jones (Producer)!!!

Karla-Simone Spence (Leah)!!!

Eric Kofi-Abrefa (Switcher)!!!

Junior Afolabi Salokun (Madder)!!!

Khali Best (Killy)!!!

Sean Sugar!!!

Michael Dapaah AKA Big Shaq!!!

Ambush Buzzworl!!!

Michael Griffiths!!!

Harrison with ‘Blue’ Carpet host Hakeem Onibudo!!!

The Brilliant Blue Story available on Digital Download 13/4/20, DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K 20/4/20!!!