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The Drive-In Club with Alex Zane talking to Rocketman Director


The Drive-In Club Blockbuster Movies Hosted by Alex Zane – Rocketman with Dexter Fletcher!!!

Harrison with the Original costumes from the Movie!!!

Movie Host Alex Zane talking to Rocketman Director Dexter Fletcher!!!

Images from the Rocketman Cannes Film Festival Premiere discussed by Dexter!!!

Upcoming The Drive-In Club Movies and Live Acts!!!

Kidzcoolit Interview: The Drive-In Club – Con talks Cars in Film with movie expert and host Alex Zane CLICK HERE!!!

WWE WrestleMania 36


WWE WrestleMania 36 review by Harrison and Con

Available on DVD and Blu-Ray 8/6/20 Pre-Order CLICK HERE!!! (15)  5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

One of our favourite WrestleMania’s ever. Due to the Covid 19 epidemic WWE were forced to play out the show behind closed doors. This created something quite unique and very special for fans. Highly Recommended!!!

WWE Euro Shop – WrestleMania 36 Merchandise review by Harrison CLICK HERE!!!

Channel 4 – Friday Night Dinner Series 6


Channel 4 – Friday Night Dinner Series 6 review by Harrison

Airs Every Friday on Channel 4 from 27/3/20 (10pm) 4 Stars 

Youth #Gottit View:

This is Classic British comedy at its best. If you’ve never seen the past 5 series of ‘Friday Night Dinner’ – binge watch them now so you can join the party. Highly Recommended!!!

Harrison at the ‘Friday Night Dinner’ Series 6 Screening and Launch Party CLICK HERE!!!

Hasbro Monopoly Voice Banking


Hasbro Monopoly Voice Banking review by Harrison

Available from all good retailers (8 Years +) 4 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:
Its a modern take on the classic game. Its easy to set up and and much like the original game and very competitive. Highly Recommended!!!