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Con at the John Wick Chapter 4 UK Premiere


Con at the John Wick Chapter 4 UK Premiere!!!

Con with the legend that is Mr Bill Nighy!!!

Keanu Reeves on The carpet!!!

Mr Reeves seat two rows in front of us!!!!

Cast, Director and Producers on stage to introduce the movie!!!

John Wick Chapter 4 in Cinemas 24/3/23!!!

Con meets Guillermo del Toro and the cast of Pinocchio at the BFI London Film Festival Premiere


Con meets Guillermo del Toro and the cast of Pinocchio at the BFI London Film Festival Premiere!!!

Con with Director of Pinocchio Guillermo del Toro

Gregory Mann (Pinocchio)

David Bradley (Geppetto)

Con with the original puppets from the film on the red carpet!!!



Sebastian J. Cricket


Count Volpe


Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio in Cinemas November and Netflix 9th December!!!

Marvel – Venom Let There Be Carnage


Marvel – Venom Let There Be Carnage review by Harrison

Available on Home Premiere Now, Digital Download 24/12/21 and DVD, Blu-Ray, 4K 3/1/22 (15) 3.5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

Don’t be put off by the ‘3.5 Stars’ score – this is a fantastic Marvel movie and could have only been made better by being a bit longer with some further character development. Highly Recommended!!!

Marvel – Spider-Man No Way Home review by Harrison CLICK HERE!!! (Video Review live Soon)

Harrison at the Chuck Steel Night of the Trampires UK Premiere


Harrison at the Chuck Steel Night of the Trampires UK Premiere!!!

Harrison with Chuck Steel writer, Director and voice of Chuck Steel, Mike Mort!!!

The Original Movie used Chuck Steel Puppets!!!

Harrison with Heavy Metal Royalty, Saxon!!! (Saxon’s songs feature on the Chuck Steel Soundtrack)

Arsenal Fan TV’s Don Robbie!!!

Arsenal Fan TV’s Ty!!!

Movie time!!!

Chuck Steel Night of the Trampires Available on Digital Download 31/1/22 – Review CLICK HERE!!!

Arrow FrightFest – Harrison talks Horror Movies with the FrightFest Boys, Alan Jones, Ian Rattray, Paul McEvoy and Greg Day!!!


Arrow FrightFest – Harrison talks Horror Movies with the FrightFest Boys, Alan Jones, Ian Rattray, Paul McEvoy and Greg Day!!!

(Photo Credit: Julie Edwards)

What film made you fall in love with the horror industry and why was it so special?

Alan Jones – It was the lurid posters that hooked me, always suggesting what they really couldn’t deliver, but you hoped they would time and again. That’s why I have a vast collection of the sleaziest and most shocking.

Horror is special because it can define us, for what scares each of us is so individual and personal. So when we meet someone to share that with, it’s a connection for life, the reason why FrightFest is such a tight community.

Ian Rattray – The Exorcist scared me silly when I first saw it. So much that I slept with the light on for a couple of weeks.

Paul McEvoy –  It was DON’T LOOK NOW…..still my favourite horror film of all time…I watched it when I was far too young……the ending absolutely terrified me……I had to go and sleep in my parents bed that night as the ending played over and over in my mind……The film is an absolute masterpiece – but I still get terrified by that ending!

Greg Day – FROGS with Ray Milland. I was fourteen and had got into a late night horror bill at the then ABC in Hastings. I stuffed tissue paper into my shoes to make me appear taller.

I was transfixed and immediately fell in love with the horror genre.

If you could pick three films from this year’s FrightFest line up that defines the highest quality of Horror filmmaking in 2021 – what films would they be and why?

Alan Jones – SOUND OF VIOLENCE, THE ADVENT CALENDAR, THE SADNESS because they each move the genre into a new direction,  the first two using disability in very clever and meaningful ways, the latter because just when you thought you couldn’t watch another pandemic movie, a new sexual wrinkle adds an incredible shock factor.

Ian Rattray – SWEETIE, YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT – just because it is so much fun. BOY#5 – because something so good was made for so little. PRISONERS OF THE GHOSTLAND – because it star Nicolas Cage and when he goes full on Nicolas Cage it is a sight and sound to behold

Paul McEvoy –  A difficult one to pick just three from our bright bouncing babies…but of pushed..

DAWN BREAKS BEHIND THE EYES..a wonderful film that throws your expectations……this will look phenomenal projected up on that huge screen. THE SADNESS…which could / should be called THE MADNESS…absolute jaw-dropping insanity from start to phenomenal finish. THE LAST THING MARY SAW…a sombre, atmospheric tour de force from a sensational new talent.


Greg Day – SOUND OF VIOLENCE  – a film where sound is the vision, SWEETIE, YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS – a true gory belter from Kazakhstan. (Think Carry on DELIVERANCE) and PRISONER OF THE GHOSTLAND – a brilliant Nic Cage aside, this is a surreal feast for the eye, worthy of Jodorowsky.

What adjective best describes the film festival and why?

Alan Jones – FABULOUS

Ian Rattray – Friendly. If you talk to others attending, they respond and many a friendship has resulted.

Paul McEvoy –  EXCITING! Because as our audience have learnt overt years ..there is NOTHING better in the world than sitting in a dark room, surrounded by your friends and like minded souls watching and experiencing something together. And to any folks coming for the first time…we hope you enjoy the experience!

Greg Day – Shared. Everyone shares their experience, their warmth, their passion for the films.

Choose one aspect of the festival for why youngsters age 18-25 years love being at FrightFest?

Alan Jones – Because you always meet the genre stars of tomorrow today.

Ian Rattray – Discovery. Take a chance on some of our discovery Strand films, which are often the best films in the festival and who may just discover the hidden gem.

Paul McEvoy –  Similar answer to the previous question, the atmosphere is unique, electric and SO very different to any other festival or film going experience. And we hope that it proves inspirational to young people to go out – be creative in any field and have fun doing it. Oh…and the free promo stuff! 🙂

Greg Day – The buzz. And Ian Rattray swearing on stage.


(Arrow FrightFest is Strictly a 18 Years + Film Festival)

Arrow FrightFest 2021 Official Digital Programme Live Now CLICK HERE!!!

FrightFest Digital Programmes 2011 – 2021 CLICK HERE!!!



Break review by Harrison

Out on DVD and Digital Download 31/8/20 (15) 4 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

Gritty tale of making the most of your talents to succeed in life. A mix of Blue Story, Karate Kid and Kingsman. Highly Recommended!!!

Break – Harrison talks to the stars at the World Premiere CLICK HERE!!!