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Harrison & Con at the Withnail and I 4K Launch Screening


Harrison & Con at the Withnail and I 4K Launch Screening!!!

Withnail and I available for the first time on 4K. Please be aware that altough this film is a classic and absolutly brilliant, some of the verbal content in very much from the period it was set/made and Youth #Gottit would never use that language or consider those views appropriate.

A Quiet Place Day One


A Quiet Place Day One review by Con

In Cinemas 27/6/24 (15) 4 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

This is a brilliant stand alone story within the A Quiet Place world full of heart and jump scares. If you love the first two films, you’ll really enjoy this latest instalment!!!

Con at the ‘A Quiet Place Day One’ London Screening!!!

Con with A Quiet Place Day One Producer/Co-Writer and Creator John Krasinski!!!

A Quiet Place review by Harrison CLICK HERE!!!

A Quiet Place Part 2 review by Harrison CLICK HERE!!!



Kill review by Harrison

In Cinemas 5/7/24 (18) 3 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

This movie is so much fun from start to finish. It’s not perfect, the story is quite simple and some of the styling for the storytelling may not translate as well with some parts of the western audience. But…..the action sequences are spectacular and there are some outstanding performances. Kill is up there with the best action movies I’ve seen. ‘Raid on a Train’ with a sprinkling of Oldboy, and going to become a classic with the Action movie die-hards!!!

Harrison at the Kill London Screening Party!!!

Con at the Ghost, Rite Here Rite Now World Premiere


Con at the Ghost, Rite Here Rite Now World Premiere – Red Carpet Interviews CLICK HERE!!!

Tobias Forge!!! (Ghost Frontman and Director)

Alex Ross Perry!!! (Director)

Rite Here Rite Now Guests: Jake Fogarty, Will Gould and Ian Miles of Creeper!!!

Daniel P Carter!!! (Radio 1 DJ)

Bambi Thug!!! (Singer/Songwriter and Eurovision 2024 Finalist)

In Cinemas 20th and 22nd June!!!

Snack Shack


Snack Shack review by Con

Available on Digital Download 2/6/24 (15) 3.5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

This is one of those movies that you didn’t realise you wanted to watch until you’re watching it. Bill & Ted meets Weird Science the first half and then a totally different tone to the storytelling for the second half. Really pleased we got to see this movie!!!

Snack Shack gift from Paramount!!!

Watch the movie and you’ll understand the relevance of this gift!!!

IMAX – Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga


IMAX – Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga review by Con

In IMAX Cinemas 24/5/24 (15) 5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

These movies are always a cinematic festivity not to be missed, and a must see on the huge IMAX screen for the best experience. If you’ve never seen a MAD Max movie on the big screen then you’re in for a treat!!!

In IMAX cinemas on 24th May 2024, the epic action blockbuster will see young Furiosa [Anya Taylor-Joy] fall into the hands of a great biker horde led by the warlord Dementus [Chris Hemsworth]. Sweeping through the Wasteland, they come across the Citadel, presided over by the Immortan Joe. As the two tyrants fight for dominance, Furiosa soon finds herself in a nonstop battle to make her way home.

IMAX is the world’s most immersive movie experience. IMAX combines specific high-resolution cameras with state-of-the-art projectors and a perfectly integrated sound system to engulf you in the world of the biggest new releases.