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STAR TREK – The Next Generation 4 Movie 4K/Blu-Ray Collection


STAR TREK – The Next Generation 4 Movie 4K/Blu-Ray Collection review by Con (Kidzcoolit Video review CLICK HERE!!!)

Available on 4k/Blu-Ray 3/4/23 (15) 5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

The theatrical Star Trek The Next Generation movies are finally available fully remastered and on 4K for the first time. Each adventure is a classic and there’s a huge amount of bonus content to enjoy. A must own for all Star Trek fans – Highly Recommended!!!

All four films available together in the STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION 4-MOVIE COLLECTION.  The 4-Movie Collection includes each film on 4K Ultra HD ™, as well as fully remastered on Blu-ray™, plus all legacy bonus content. The Collection is presented in a slipcase beautifully illustrated to complement the STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL 6-MOVIE COLLECTION, making this a must-own set to complete every fan’s collection.


  • Commentary by Director David Carson and Manny Coto **
  • Commentary by Brannon Braga and Ronald D. Moore **
  • Text Commentary by Michael and Denise Okuda **
  • Library Computer
  • Production
    • Uniting Two Legends
    • Stellar Cartography: Creating the Illusion
    • Strange New Worlds: The Valley of Fire
    • Scoring Trek
  • Visual Effects
    • Inside ILM: Models & Miniatures
    • Crashing the Enterprise
  • Scene Deconstruction
    • Main Title Sequence
    • The Nexus Ribbon
    • Saucer Crash Sequence
  • The Star Trek Universe
    • A Tribute to Matt Jefferies
    • The Enterprise Lineage
    • Captain Picard’s Family Album
    • Creating 24th Century Weapons
    • Next Generation Designer Flashback Andrew Probert
    • Stellar Cartography on Earth
    • Brent Spiner – Data and Beyond Part 1
    • Trek Roundtable: Generations
    • Starfleet Academy SCISEC Brief 007: Trilithium
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Archives
  • Trailers


  • Commentary by Director and Actor Jonathan Frakes **
  • Commentary by Screenplay Writers Brannon Braga and Ronald D. Moore **
  • Commentary by Damon Lindelof and Anthony Pascale **
  • Text commentary by Michael and Denise Okuda **
  • Library Computer
  • Production
    • Making First Contact
    • The Art of First Contact
    • The Story
    • The Missile Silo
    • The Deflector Dish
    • From “A” to “E”
  • Scene Deconstruction
    • Borg Queen Assembly
    • Escape Pod Launch
    • Borg Queen’s Demise
  • The Star Trek Universe
    • Jerry Goldsmith: A Tribute
    • The Legacy of Zefram Cochrane
    • First Contact: The Possibilities
    • Industrial Light & Magic – The Next Generation
    • Greetings from the International Space Station
    • SpaceShipOne’s Historic Flight
    • Brent Spiner – Data and Beyond Part 2
    • Trek Roundtable: First Contact
    • Starfleet Academy SCISEC Brief 008: Temporal Vortex
  • The Borg Collective
    • Unimatrix One
    • The Queen
    • Design Matrix
  • Archives
  • Trailers


  • Commentary by Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis **
  • Text Commentary by Michael and Denise Okuda **
  • Library Computer
  • Production
    • It Takes a Village
    • Location, Location, Location
    • The Art of Insurrection
    • Anatomy of a Stunt
    • The Story
    • Making Star Trek: Insurrection
    • Director’s Notebook
  • The Star Trek Universe
    • Westmore’s Aliens
    • Westmore’s Legacy
    • Star Trek’s Beautiful Alien Women
    • Marina Sirtis – The Counselor Is In
    • Brent Spiner – Data and Beyond Part 3
    • Trek Roundtable: Insurrection
    • Starfleet Academy SCISEC Brief 009: The Origins of the Ba’ku and Son’a Conflict
  • Creating the Illusion
    • Shuttle Chase
    • Drones
    • Duck Blind
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Archives
  • Advertising


  • Commentary by Director Stuart Baird **
  • Commentary by Producer Rick Berman **
  • Commentary by Michael and Denise Okuda **
  • Text Commentary by Michael and Denise Okuda **
  • Library Computer
  • Production
    • Nemesis Revisited
    • New Frontiers – Stuart Baird on Directing Nemesis
    • Storyboarding the Action
    • Red Alert! Shooting the Action of Nemesis
    • Build and Rebuild
    • Four-Wheeling in the Final Frontier
    • Screen Test: Shinzon
  • The Star Trek Universe
    • A Star Trek Family’s Final Journey
    • A Bold Vision of The Final Frontier
    • The Enterprise E
    • Reunion with The Rikers
    • Today’s Tech Tomorrow’s Data
    • Robot Hall of Fame
    • Brent Spiner – Data and Beyond Part 4
    • Trek Roundtable: Nemesis
    • Starfleet Academy SCISEC Brief 010: Thalaron Radiation
  • The Romulan Empire
    • Romulan Lore
    • Shinzon & the Viceroy
    • Romulan Design
    • The Romulan Senate
    • The Scimitar
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Archives
  • Trailers

Harrison and Con with the Legendary Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard)!!!

Each film also available individually on 4K Ultra HD™+Blu-ray™ featuring the fully remastered film, along with all legacy bonus content Standard Blu-ray™ editions are also available.

Scream VI


Scream VI review by Harrison

In Cinemas 10/3/23 (18) 4.5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

This is another outstanding edition to the Scream series. Full of shocks, fresh ideas and new twists. It really feels like they have a plan for where they’re taking these movies in the finale. When will that be? Who knows? But they clearly have a plan. This will go on to be the best loved and greatest horror film franchise of al time – Highly Recommended!!!

Scream 1-5 Reviewed CLICK HERE!!!

Paramount + Liam Gallagher Knebworth 22


Paramount + Liam Gallagher Knebworth 22 review by Con

Available on Paramount+ 7/12/22 (18 Years +) 5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

This gig was absolutely one of the highlights of our Summer and this live recording fully captures the magic of the event. I have no idea why Paramount+ gave both the concert and the documentary an 18 years + rating. BBFC would have given the documentary a 15 rating and the concert either 12 or E Rating (Exempt from rating). Liam does drop a few ‘F Bombs’ during the gig – but no more than you hear in many 12A rated movies. This is an incredible concert and the perfect documentary to compliment the event. A must see for fans of all ages – Highly Recommended!!!!

Photos from Liam Gallagher Knebworth Park 3rd June 2022!!!

Playmobil – Star Trek Bird of Prey


Playmobil – Star Trek Bird of Prey review by Con

Control panel for lights and sounds!!!

Four changeable plates with quotes from the movie!!!

Front light up Torpedo turns from blue to green to blue with sounds!!!

Movable Wings with three positions!!!

Firing Torpedoes!!!

Option to either suspend the Bird of Prey from the ceiling of use the Genesis playset as a display stand!!!

Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock Figures included – Kruge, Maltz, Kirk, Spock and two Klingon guards!!!

Available from all good retailers (10 Years +) 5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

Much like the Enterprise released in 2021, this is another thing of beauty released by Playmobil. Based on the characters, costumes, ship and Genesis landscape from Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock – this is a must own for any Star Trek fan. The ship looks spectacular and to my knowledge there’s never been a Bird of Prey playset of this size ever released in toy form. Highly Recommended!!!

Playmobil – Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise review by Harrison CLICK HERE!!!

Paramount + Halo


Paramount + Halo review by Con (Coming Soon)

Available on Paramount + 22/6/22 (12 TBC) Stars TBC

Youth #Gottit View: TBC

Paramount + Halo at MCM Comic Con!!!

Jackass Forever


Jackass Forever review

Fast forward to 2022 and the Jackass troupe are back with some new blood to torture and more chaotic acts of madness – but as funny or as awful (Dependent of on what side of the fence you fall with Jackass fandom) as they’ve ever been.  

Over the last twenty-two years much has changed in the world, with YouTubing ridiculous acts of stupidity becoming a part of our daily life. The Jackass TV show was so ahead of its time, it provided short form content of people doing insane things, before much of the internet content we all love today. They genuinely revolutionised entertainment as we watch it in the modern era, way before YouTube was part of the mainstream the Jackass gang were pushing the human body to its absolute limit and laughing through the pain all for our entertainment. 

For anyone who’s never seen Jackass before,  it’s basically a compilation of stupid stuff and total escapism. Everything about them is so disgusting in what they do and try to achieve. But it’s brilliant ‘shut your brain off’ fun with many a moment watching the depraved acts through your hands, in some form of solidarity with the poor soul suffering before you on screen.

The only shame with this movie is that the BBFC gave it a 18 certificate. Fifteen, Sixteen and Seventeen year old’s watch content like this all the time and most are mature enough to know not to copy what they see on screen. It feels a little like they’re protecting themselves and the certification system rather than young adults (under Eighteen) who fully know all they need to know by now about adult genitalia and its various functions. After the two years youngsters have had to endure, they really could have done with a cinema experience like Jackass Forever in their lives. 

If you hate Jackass, your opinion won’t change after seeing Jackass Forever. But if you want to see grown men and women sh@tting themselves and hurting each other for kicks, you’re in for a real treat. This is a great group outing for a bundle of mates. 

In Cinemas 4/2/22 (18) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Stars – You choose your own stars. If you love Jackass, You’ll go high with the star rating!!!

Youth #Gottit View:

It’s 98 minutes of grown Men and Woman doing the most ridiculous things and sh@tting themselves on screen for our entertainment. If you hate stuff like this, you’re in for the worst hour and a half of your life. If like us, this is exactly the escapism you needed after the last two years – Jackasss Forever will be your favourite cinema experience of 2022!!!

A Quiet Place Part 2


A Quiet Place Part 2 review by Harrison

In Cinemas 3/6/21 (15) 5 Stars (Advance Previews Bank Holiday Monday)

Youth #Gottit View:

And so the story continues. The Empire Strikes Back/Back To The Future Part 2 of Horror – Highly Recommended!!!

Harrison at the Quiet Place Part 2 UK Gala Screening!!!

A Quiet Place Part 1 review by Harrison CLICK HERE!!!