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Con talks C-Smash VRS with Director Jörg Tittel


Con talks C-Smash VRS with Director Jörg Tittel!!!

Con with Jörg Tittel!!!

C-Smash VRS Launch Day Gift for Con!!!

Limited to 500 Posters!!!

Signed by C-Smash VRS music composers Ken Ishii and Danalogue!!!

PlayStation VR2 – C-Smash VRS Demo review by Con CLICK HERE!!!

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C-Smash VRS Available for PlayStation VR2 23/6/23!!! 

Con talks to Transformers ROTB Producer, Director & Cast


Con talks to Transformers Rise Of The Beasts Producer, Director & Cast!!!

Con with the Transformers Rise of The Beasts cast Toby Nwigwe, Anthony Ramos and Dominique Fishback!!!

Steven Caple Jr!!! (Director)

Lorenzo di Bonaventura!!! (Producer)

Signed question sheets!!!

Toys to play with in the junket holding room!!!

Transformers Rise of the Beasts Crisps!!!

Con talks to Producers Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and Mark Vahradian CLICK HERE!!!

Transformers Rise of the Beasts in Cinemas 8/6/23!!!

Con at the Transformers Rise of the Beasts Premiere


Con talks to Producers Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and Mark Vahradian!!!

Lorenzo Di Bonaventura!!! (Producer)

Mark Vahradian!!! (Producer)

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Transformers Rise of the Beasts – Con talks to the Producer, Director and Cast CLICK HERE!!!

Transformers Rise of the Beasts in Cinemas 8/6/23!!!

Dave/UK TV Play – We Are Not Alone


Dave/UK TV Play – We Are Not Alone review by Con

Available to stream on UK TV Play and Airing on Dave 28/11/22 (14 Years +) 4 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

From the minds behind Yonderland and Ghosts. If you’re a fan of those shows (and you should be) you’ll know the magic they always bring to the screen and will love We Are Not Alone. We Are Not Alone is very funny – Highly Recommended!!!

Con at the BAFTA We Are Not Alone UK Premiere CLICK HERE!!!

Con Talks Greeting Aliens with We Are Not Alone’s Laurence Rickard, Declan Baxter and Ben Willbond CLICK HERE!!!

Harrison chats with the stars at the Gazza Premiere


Harrison chats with the stars at the Gazza Premiere

Harrison at the Gazza Premiere!!!

Sam Collins!!! (Gazza Director)

Vaughan Sivell!!! (Gazza Producer)

John Motson!!!

Jim Rosenthal!!!

Ugo Monye!!!

Kyle Walker!!!

Glen Wallace!!!

Gazza Available on Digital Download, DVD and Blu-Ray 9/5/22!!!

Harrison asks the stars ‘Will England with both the Euros and the World Cup in 2022?’

The Banishing – Ghost Stories & Religion in Horror with Director


The Banishing – Harrison talks Ghost Stories and Religion in Horror with Director Christopher Smith!!!

If you could Direct a remake of any classic Horror – which film would you choose and why?

I’ve often thought about doing a remake of Nosferatu. I’ve always loved the design of the Count in that film. Even when it was remade with Klaus Kinski or used in Salem’s Lot, there is something inherently scary about the Nosferatu vampire. I think Nosferatu would be the perfect way to reboot the vampire genre.

Have you or anyone close to you ever had a paranormal experience and if so what happened?

No. Sorry for the boring answer but to me all supernatural events are actually events that are happening within the mind of the person. That’s why I love The Shining so much. The hotel is Jack Torrence’s mind. If someone tells me they’re haunted I take it to mean they’re not well.

I always find ghost stories far scarier to watch than slasher movies. Do you agree with this and if so what do you think it is about ghost stories that makes them so scary?

I actually find slasher movies more scary but I find ghost stories more interesting.  Ghosts are essentially you being tormented by your own past. Something of the past is invading the present, just like bad memories, though in their scariest manifestation.

Why do you think religion is regularly used to enhance the scare factor of so many horror movies?

I think religion is in human DNA,  whether your are a believer or not. Anything that successfully taps into that deeply ingrained belief, unsettles something within us and makes us uncomfortable. There’s also something inherently filmic about rituals of any kind. 

The ending of The Banishing makes it feel very open to a sequel. Are there any plans to develop the story further?

I certainly would like to explore  Harry Reed more, as I believe Shaun Harris created a really interesting character. For me the end is very much about the awakening of violence both within the characters and the world as a whole. The idea that prejudice can all too easily be dug up and harnessed within people  to revolting ends.

The Pandemic has given people extra time to be creative. Has the extra time been useful to you and do you think the quality in the films made over the coming years will be better due to Filmmakers having more time to develop their ideas?

Only time will tell. I imagine there will be a spate of twisted films, although you never can tell, perhaps people are so tired of feeling miserable that swathe of comedies are about to flood the market!


50’s & 60’s Rock ‘n’ Roll & Modern twists with Mikey Votano


Harrison talks 50’s and 60’s Rock ‘n’ Roll and Modern twists to the sound with Mikey Votano!!!

Who do you think is the most underrated music artist from the 50’s/60’s and is there anyone you think is overreacted? 

Mikey Votano – Underrated is definitely Wanda Jackson!  She’s amazing & has a killer vocal.  I’m not sure all that many people who aren’t familiar with 50s rock ’n’ roll even know who she but she’s a legend for those of us that do.  I can’t imagine it would have been easy being a female rock ’n’ roll artist in the 50’s so extra love to Wanda for that too.

Overrated, don’t hate me for saying this, but, Elvis.  Before you judge, hear me out, I love Elvis, his showmanship & vocals are all insanely impressive.  It’s just how much he is revered above all other artists from the era rather than as an equal with the other greats such as Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Wanda Jackson, etc.  Again, just want everyone to note, I am a big fan of Elvis.  

When you hear a song do you have a sort of filter in your head that you hear it in a 50’s/60’s style? 

Mikey Votano – Ha! Not originally, but lately I think I may have developed one.  I have caught myself a few times hearing a track on the radio & instantly thinking it’d work well with a rock ’n’ roll vibe.  

Have you tried to cover any modern songs in this style and they just didn’t work? 

Mikey Votano – Definitely.  I’ve tried to work on The Killer’s ‘Mr Brightside’ a few times but keep putting it down.  There are some musical traits from the 50’s/60’s which make certain melodies & chord progressions a little more difficult to make sound as good.  I’m sure they can be done but perhaps need a little more time to arrange to a point which I’m happy with. 

Are there any songs from the past 6 months you’d love to cover in your style?  

Mikey Votano – YES! I’m a huge fan of ‘Sunday Best’ by Surfaces & ‘Don’t Start Now’ Dua Lipa.  Both killer tracks I’d love to perform in a vintage style.  I may even be working on one of them as we speak.  

If you could bring back any star from the 50’s/60’s – who do you think would still succeed in the modern charts and why?  

Mikey Votano – Eddie Cochran & I think the fact that he wouldn’t succeed in the charts today is one of the main reasons for bringing him back.  His style is dirty, raw & real.  There’s so many great artists today, playing so many different styles of music that I’d love to bring someone back that I don’t hear anything similar to at the moment.


Bugs Bunny’s turns 80!! We talk to Looney Tunes Showrunner.


Bugs Bunny’s 80th Birthday – Who is ‘Doc’? Harrison and Con talk to Looney Tunes Exec Producer/Showrunner Peter Browngardt!!!

What’s been the weirdest Looney Tunes Comedy idea you’ve been pitched for a Cartoon? Con age 13

Pete Browngardt That’s a tough one. Maybe the weidest one was when Daffy and Bugs brains get exchanged. They get switched. So now they have their personalities in different bodies.

With Bugs Bunny being 80 years old – In what way is it easier to make the cartoons now and is there anything that’s harder to do with Bugs Bunny cartoons today?  Harrison age 15

Pete Browngardt It’s definitely not easier to do now. Any time you’re making a cartoon that there are classic cartoons out there from the past – it’s always very scary and challenging to try and make something that’s as good as those classics.  The hardest thing is just trying to make them as good as the classics – with being able to draw the characters as well. And animate them as well and tell stories as well.

If Bugs Bunny lived in the real world what job do you think he would do? Con age 13

Pete Browngardt That’s a good questions. The thing about Bugs is he’s so good – he would do so many jobs.  So maybe he would be like a temp employee where he could work a different job every day.

Who is ‘Doc’? Harrison age 15

Pete Browngardt – I think ‘Doc’ is whoever Bugs is talking to. So it could be you, it could be me, it could be anybody if Bugs come up and talks to you. He’s referring to you as Doc!!!

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Catch the Birthday Boy ‘Bugs Bunny’ on Boomerang!!!


Harrison at the Blue Story World Premiere


Harrison asks the stars of the Blue Story ‘Blue Carpet’ about their Fears for Young People, Music’s influence, Drill Music and What they would change to stop Gang Violence if they were Prime Minister!!!

Youth #Gottit – Harrison at the Blue Story World Premiere!!!

Harrison with Rapman (Blue Story Writer/Director)!!!

Stephen Odubola (Timmy)!!!

Michael Ward (Marco)!!!

Damian Jones (Producer)!!!

Karla-Simone Spence (Leah)!!!

Eric Kofi-Abrefa (Switcher)!!!

Junior Afolabi Salokun (Madder)!!!

Khali Best (Killy)!!!

Sean Sugar!!!

Michael Dapaah AKA Big Shaq!!!

Ambush Buzzworl!!!

Michael Griffiths!!!

Harrison with ‘Blue’ Carpet host Hakeem Onibudo!!!

The Brilliant Blue Story available on Digital Download 13/4/20, DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K 20/4/20!!!