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The Matrix Resurrections


The Matrix Resurrections review by Harrison

Youth #Gottit View:

The ending to the story we always needed. This is finally one of the great movie series – everything is now corrected with this forth instalment. Highly Recommended!!!

Jada –The Batman Diecast Vehicle with Figure


Jada –The Batman Diecast Vehicle with Figure review by Con

Available from all good retailers (8 Years +) 5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

These cars are just so cool and look lovely displayed on a shelf or a desk. Along with the new vehicle, there’s four classic Batman cars available and they will make the perfect gift for any collector. Highly Recommended!!!

King Richard


King Richard review by Harrison

Available on DVD, Blu-Ray, 4K and Digital Download 21/2/22 (12) 4.5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

Naturally we know both Venus and Serena Williams careers really well – but we didn’t know anything about their Mum, Dad and tough struggle to gain success. This is such an inspiring story and a movie everyone should see. Highly Recommended!!!

Urban Species DC Comics The Batman T-Shirts


Urban Species DC Comics The Batman T-Shirts review by Harrison

DC Comics Batman Stencil Official Men’s T-shirt!!!

DC Comics Batman Crusader Official Men’s T-shirt!!!

DC Comics Batman Graff Official Men’s T-shirt!!! 

Available from Urban Species (S/M/L) 5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

We love Urban Species shirts and they have a huge range of DC Comics products available. The shirts wash really well and make great a great gifting idea. Harrison’s favourite of the three T’s sent to us is the ‘Batman Stencil’ design. Highly Recommended!!!

Death on the Nile


Death on the Nile review by Con!!! 

In Cinemas 11/2/22 (12A) 4 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

We love Agatha Christie and Sir Kenneth Branagh is brilliant as the legendary Hercule Poirot. It’s cheesy, it’s camp, but it’s bloody good fun and wonderful big screen escapism. If you’ve not had a break abroad for a while – you’re in for a treat. Death on the Nile is like going on a Murder Mystery Holiday in Egypt for two hours. You can almost feel the sun on your face as you watch!!!

Marvel Legends Series – Iron Spider Helmet


Marvel Legends Series – Iron Spider Helmet review by Con

Elasticated openings to make it easy when wearing and removing the Spider-Man Helmet – Back.


Instantly moves back into position when wearing – Sides.


A button inside the helmet activates Blue light up eyes….

…..and Red light up eyes!!!

Available from all good retailers (14 Years +) 5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

This is a genuine must own for the Marvel and Spider-Man collector. It’s comfortable to wear for cosplay and looks dazzling when displayed in a room. Con has been excited by the release of this Replica helmet since its announcement and it didn’t disappoint. Highly Recommended!!!

Jackass Forever


Jackass Forever review

Fast forward to 2022 and the Jackass troupe are back with some new blood to torture and more chaotic acts of madness – but as funny or as awful (Dependent of on what side of the fence you fall with Jackass fandom) as they’ve ever been.  

Over the last twenty-two years much has changed in the world, with YouTubing ridiculous acts of stupidity becoming a part of our daily life. The Jackass TV show was so ahead of its time, it provided short form content of people doing insane things, before much of the internet content we all love today. They genuinely revolutionised entertainment as we watch it in the modern era, way before YouTube was part of the mainstream the Jackass gang were pushing the human body to its absolute limit and laughing through the pain all for our entertainment. 

For anyone who’s never seen Jackass before,  it’s basically a compilation of stupid stuff and total escapism. Everything about them is so disgusting in what they do and try to achieve. But it’s brilliant ‘shut your brain off’ fun with many a moment watching the depraved acts through your hands, in some form of solidarity with the poor soul suffering before you on screen.

The only shame with this movie is that the BBFC gave it a 18 certificate. Fifteen, Sixteen and Seventeen year old’s watch content like this all the time and most are mature enough to know not to copy what they see on screen. It feels a little like they’re protecting themselves and the certification system rather than young adults (under Eighteen) who fully know all they need to know by now about adult genitalia and its various functions. After the two years youngsters have had to endure, they really could have done with a cinema experience like Jackass Forever in their lives. 

If you hate Jackass, your opinion won’t change after seeing Jackass Forever. But if you want to see grown men and women sh@tting themselves and hurting each other for kicks, you’re in for a real treat. This is a great group outing for a bundle of mates. 

In Cinemas 4/2/22 (18) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Stars – You choose your own stars. If you love Jackass, You’ll go high with the star rating!!!

Youth #Gottit View:

It’s 98 minutes of grown Men and Woman doing the most ridiculous things and sh@tting themselves on screen for our entertainment. If you hate stuff like this, you’re in for the worst hour and a half of your life. If like us, this is exactly the escapism you needed after the last two years – Jackasss Forever will be your favourite cinema experience of 2022!!!

James Bond – No Time To Die


James Bond – No Time To Die review by Harrison (Spoiler Free Review)

Out on DVD, Blu-Ray, 4K and Digital Download 20/12/21 (12) 4.5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View: 

One of the best James Bond Movies ever made – a must see for old and new fans. Highly Recommended!!!

James Bond – No Time To Die review by Con (Spoiler Free Review) CLICK HERE!!!

IMAX – Ghostbusters Afterlife


IMAX – Ghostbusters Afterlife review by Harrison!!! (Spoiler Free Video Review)

In IMAX Cinemas 18/11/21 (12A) 3.5 Stars

Youth #Gottit View:

It’s finally here – the Ghostbuster sequel fans have been longing for and it’s a must see for any die hard wanna be Ghostbuster. Ghostbusters Afterlife looks incredible on the huge IMAX screen – the prefect way to watch it!!!

Ghostbusters Afterlife gift from IMAX!!

Ghostbusters Afterlife Director Jason Reitman’s autograph!!!